About AMU

Characteristics of Marianist Universities

AMU supports, promotes and advances Marianist education.
These five elements
characterize the Marianist approach to education.

Educate for formation in faith
Marianist universities remain committed to the development of the whole person, including the faith life of its members and the application of faith to practice.

Provide an integral, quality education
Marianist education encompasses intellectual and spiritual development, understood and supported best in community.

Educate in family spirit
Marianist universities develop a family spirit that accepts each person with loving respect and draws everyone into the challenge of building community.

Educate for service, justice, peace and the integrity of creation
Curriculum at the Marianist university connects the classroom with the wider world so students’ work in the classroom extends to serving the common good.

Educate for adaptation and change
In the midst of social and technological change, Marianist universities adapt methods and structures so that the wisdom of their educational  philosophy and spirituality may be transmitted more fully.

AMU Board Members

Board members serving the Association of Marianist Universities represent each constituent institution, as well as the Marianist Province of the United States, allowing the AMU to benefit from a variety of perspectives as we work together toward our shared goals.

Dr. Eric Spina – President, University of Dayton
Dr. Eric Spina
University of Dayton
Dr. Lynn Babington– President, Chaminade University of Honolulu
Dr. Lynn Babington
Chaminade University of Honolulu
Mr. Thomas Mengler, J.D. – President, St. Mary’s University, Chairman of the Board
Thomas Mengler, J.D.
St. Mary’s University
Bro. Jesse O’Neill, SM<br>
Assistant for Education <br> Marianist Province of the U.S.
Bro. Jesse O’Neill, SM
Assistant for Education
Marianist Province of the U.S.
Rev. John Thompson, S.M., Ed.D <br>
Vice President for Mission<br>
St. Mary’s University
Rev. John Thompson, S.M., Ed.D
Vice President for Mission
St. Mary’s University
Bro. Edward Brink, SM<br>
Vice President for Mission and Rector<br>
Chaminade University
Bro. Edward Brink, SM
Vice President for Mission and Rector
Chaminade University
Fr. James Fitz, SM – Vice President for Mission and Rector, University of Dayton
Fr. James Fitz, SM
Vice President for Mission and Rector
University of Dayton
Bro. Tom Giardino
Bro. Thomas Giardino, SM
Executive Director
(non-voting board member)


Since 2003, the Association of Marianist Universities has worked to sustain the Marianist educational tradition on our campuses – but our members have been collaborative partners much longer than that. Dedicated faculty and staff members at Chaminade University, St. Mary’s University and the University of Dayton have worked together for more than 20 years, both formally and informally, to discuss each university’s concerns and interests in a spirit of mutual respect and support. Each university remains committed to partnering with its sister institutions, and the AMU provides a focused strategy and formalized structure in which to achieve our cooperative initiatives.



The Association of Marianist Universities unites the diverse gifts of each of the campuses into a dynamic network that enables the Marianist universities to be leaders in American higher education. AMU assists the universities in using and adapting the Catholic and Marianist traditions of education as vital resources that support excellence and validate distinctiveness.



The mission of the Association of Marianist Universities is to support, promote and advance Marianist higher education. AMU does this by facilitating an environment to sustain cooperation and the exchange of experience and information among the members. AMU represents Marianist higher education at the national and international levels and contributes to the formation of leaders in the Catholic and Marianist educational traditions in their service to the Church and world.