The University of Dayton faculty donated more than 10,000 gloves, 500 face masks and 100 coverall garments to healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think this effort shows how giving something, even if it’s a small amount, can help, and it empowers people to feel they can do something to help,” said Margie Pinnell, a professor and associate dean for faculty and staff development in the School of Engineering. “When people are feeling helpless and hopeless in a crisis like this, giving or doing just a little bit can make a big difference.”

Faculty from engineering, biology, chemistry, health and other areas of campus collected the personal protection items from their labs and classrooms for Montgomery County Emergency Management to distribute to healthcare facilities. Faculty said they were inspired to donate the gear, which also included disposable lab coats and articulating face shields, after seeing news reports of nurses making masks from makeshift supplies.

“Montgomery County’s regional emergency management agency is working around the clock to ensure supplies are distributed where they are needed most,” said Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge. “We are thrilled with the support from our local partners, like the University of Dayton, who have donated vital supplies that will help our community’s front line workers as they combat this pandemic. We are all in this together.”  

University of Dayton – News and Communications