Andrew Tague, Junior Finance and Risk Management major and member of the Marianist Leadership Program, St. Mary's University

I went to Marianist High School in St. Louis. That instilled in me that attending a Marianist institution was transformative. I wanted to continue that transformation. So when picking a university, I knew I wanted to go to a Marianist institution. When applying for St. Mary’s, I also applied for the Marianist Leadership Program. That program has affected me in so many ways. The Marianist Leadership Program taught me to be a servant leader. The program also teaches servant leadership that echoes Mary’s saying “Yes” to God: always wanting to say yes to service opportunities, always saying yes to being a leader on campus and saying yes to being an example for other students. My relationship with Christ is not always going to be perfect — no one has a perfect relationship with Christ — but it’s something I'm going to work on through the rest of my life. St. Mary’s has given me many tools to help me work on that relationship.