Heather Barhorst, Director of Enrollment Initiatives and Special Projects, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Dayton

The University of Dayton gives me hope for the future.  Working at a university that allows me to express my faith and gives me an opportunity to talk about God openly with a younger generation, our future generation, shows me that hope always lies ahead.  My experience at UD allows for camaraderie and community, patience and collaboration, and seeing points of view from others that I wouldn’t have any other way.  Daily, I witness education in a family spirit and an education that provides service, justice, and peace. Being a part of this truly affects my faith journey and my work journey. To me, being a Christian is understanding that God created us all equal, even if the world we live in hasn’t provided us with all of the same opportunities.  I am more thankful for God's blessings and hope to share those blessings with others. My goal is to stand out from those around me through my character and by doing good work, and if I can do this, I know it will bring glory to God.